Automatic Form, Fill and Seal Packing Machines

Automatic Packing (FFS)Ā MachinesĀ are designed to pack wood pellets, animal feeds, grains, aggregates and more.

These are both fully automatic vertical form fill and seal (vffs) machines, capable of up to 540 doses per hour (on 15kg bags), with a weight range of 8-20kgs. Simply fill the hopper, select the desired bag weight and length on the touch screen, then press the start button. The bagger will then automatically weigh out the required weight into the weigh hopper, then discharges into the formed bag. The bag is then sealed and released on the discharge conveyor.

The bags are made from a roll of flat plastic, then formed into a bag around the forming shoulders on the stainless steel chute. Heat sealers weld the plastic together with horizontal and vertical seals. Perforations are punched into the top of the bag to allow air to be expelled, aiding palletisation. Volumetric belt feeders are available for both these machines, for use on aggregates, compost and more.

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